Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock the power of the olive leaf

Q. What makes Oleavicin better than other cold sore products?

Oleavicin uses patented science to create an exclusive, fast-acting, pain-relieving formula containing high-potency olive leaf extract, St. John’s Wort, bee propolis, allantoin and aloe barbadensis. The proprietary formula of these natural ingredients brings rapid relief by helping reduce the inflammation of your cold sore.

In combination, these botanical and natural agents may have the "bio power" to interrupt the viral infection cycle that leads to cold sores, canker sores and fever blisters – without the potential harshness and side effects of a conventional pharmaceutical. 

Q. Why is olive leaf extract so important?

For centuries, humans have turned to the olive leaf to treat numerous skin conditions and ailments. The reason is simple. Olive leaf extract starts to protect and restore skin cells immediately on contact.

Today, many researchers credit this healing power to oleuropein, the active ingredient in the ancient olive leaf. In fact, oleuropein is so potent that researchers are actively exploring its potential for antiviral, antimicrobial and antioxidant treatments. 

Q. Do I need a prescription?

No. Oleavicin makes it easy to get prescription-strength symptom relief with over-the-counter convenience and affordability. So you can start the healing right away. Choose natural and fast-acting Oleavicin at the first sign of a cold sore or fever blister.

Q. Is Oleavicin Safe?

Yes. Oleavicin is safe to use, even if you’re pregnant or nursing. With no reported side effects or interactions with other medications, Oleavicin is the smart solution for your cold sore and fever blisters. 

Q. How often can I apply Oleavicin?

Oleavicin is safe to use as often as you need it. Feel free to apply Oleavicin as frequently as necessary to relieve your symptoms. 

Q. Is Oleavicin easy to use?

Oleavicin is available in a convenient, no-mess formulation. Oleavicin Soothing Gel can be applied with a clean swab. Please wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before and after application to help prevent the spread of your cold sore or fever blister.

Q. Where can I buy Oleavicin?

Oleavicin is available online and at participating retailers. To shop online click here.

Q. Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Absolutely. If you’re not completely satisfied with Oleavicin, you may simply return the unused portion and your original purchase receipt to us for a full refund. To start your return, please call us at 1.805.968.0518.