How To Hydrate Your Skin Naturally


shutterstock_107421764Your skin is your biggest organ, and like any organ, it needs to be treated properly to work the way it should. Hydrating your skin is the best way to ensure that it always looks its best, giving you a natural glow and healthy appearance.

While some companies might suggest you use moisturizers and other creams to hydrate your skin, we take a more natural approach. Of course, there is a place for moisturizers and other products, but hydrating your skin can start by eating healthier, living a better lifestyle, and using all-natural solutions.

Here’s a few tips for glowing skin, properly hydrated and healthy:

Drink Water

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you want your skin to feel hydrated and look great, make sure you drink plenty of water and not just one day a week: consistently drinking the proper amount of water (around 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women) every day will improve your skin health.

Eat the right foods

You gain most of your nutrients through eating the proper food, so if you’re munching on potato chips and sugary snacks, your skin will reflect it. Instead, swap out the fried for the fresh and chow down on salmon, avocado, berries, antioxidant-rich tea, and other nutrient-packed foods.

Use natural skin products

If you’ve looked on the ingredients list of a skincare product and can’t pronounce half of the ingredients, your skin might be reacting to the chemicals and is craving natural equivalents. Ingredients like olive oil (found in Oleavicin), avocado oil, and other natural products work wonders and give you younger looking skin.

Skip the gin and tonic and tanning

Alcohol can actually reverse the hydrating effects of water (part of the reason why people feel hungover the day after a night of heavy drinking), so the next time you’re at a bar, skip the vodka and say yes to cranberry juice in your next cosmopolitan. Also, tanning exposes your skin to harmful radiation, so be sure to always wear sunscreen. If you have to have that darker tone, consider a sunless tanning lotion or spray tan instead.

Following these steps will give you healthy, hydrated skin in no time. Improve your skin health and wow your family and friends next time you see them.

Which of these tips are you going to adopt to start hydrating your skin?

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